Gyrotonic® Method

Suitable for: All abilities

The Gyrotonic Expansion System® is a unique body-mind movement therapy aimed at balancing the body physically and, more importantly, energetically. The body finds support through elongation. It teaches the body to move efficiently as a harmonious unit, improves strength, flexibility and stamina. Uses circular and spiraling movements. It uses special breathing patterns and rhythm to open energetic pathways in the body to create new neural pathways and stimulate the  cardiovascular system.

The Gyrotonic method is beneficial for pre-habilitation and rehabilitation, for improving performance for athletes and dancers and during and after pregnancy. All ages and abilities can benefit. A Gyrotonic session has a wonderful “feel good” factor and challenging in a fun way.

  • Tuesday Gyrotonic® Method

    11:00am 12:30pm

For more information or to book, please contact Jane

07811 132 313
"In 2015 I was suffering from several old tennis injuries including 2 herniated discs. I worked with Jane on reducing pain at the same time as developing internal strength to support my spine. Recent scans show both discs have recovered and the rest of my body continues to get strong and more flexible"
Pat Cash
"I enjoyed my first session enormously and felt amazing afterwards. I really appreciated how comfortable Jane made me feel and for a change , not feeling uncomfortable about my body. In fact I walked home with absolutely no effort and no pain in my knee or my back for the first time in years"
"I came to Jane because I was having a lot of back pain and sciatica. From the first session I felt that the exercises were able to get into the stiff places in my back that years of osteopathy, physiotherapy hadn't managed to do. My posture is improving with each session and, more incredibly, my sciatica is all but gone. Jane herself is wonderful and works at a level I can manage, encouraging me gentle to push myself further. I look forward to every session!"
  • About your teacher

    Jane Von Bieberstein

    Jane is a certified  GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer and a GYROTONIC pre-trainer.

    Came to GYROTONIC® after studying ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary dance for many years. ITEC massage with Clare Maxwell-Hudson (1996). GYROTONIC® certificate level 1 (2000) and level 2 (2001). Has also studied application of GYROTONIC® in remedial work including the pelvis, the shoulder girdle and scoliosis and the Gyrotonic Jump Stretch Board and Leg Extension Unit.  Jane is also a certified  GYROTONIC® pretrainer for teacher trainer.

    In 2016 Jane was appointed  a certified GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer . She is trainer in Gyrokinesis level 1, level 2 beginners and Happy Moves, Metamorphosis breathing and Lotus Blossom 1.