Movement & Pilates in East Sheen

We are a Movement and Pilates studio in East Sheen.

We run Pilates, Yoga and Mums/Baby classes, Reformer Pilates sessions and Workshops/Retreats.

We work closely with local therapists and clinics.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers (guaranteed)
  • An education empowering you a lifetime
  • Feel energised – not exhausted
  • Varied, challenging and fun – using lots of equipment
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Range of Classes

20+ classes for beginner to advanced. There's something here for you!

How We Help

From feeling stronger and more confident to addressing any postural issues and injuries

Murielle on a roller

Happy body. Happy you.

We believe that a happy life starts with a healthy body and mind. We do this through proper execution of movement to free your joints and strengthen your body. Working smarter, not harder.
Pilates Mortlake


Find your core posture, free your joints and empower your body for a happy, healthy life

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Yoga at The Garage Studio


Alignment and movement, with personal attention, to achieve more depth in your yoga practice

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Reformer at the Garage Studio


Programmes that suit the individual. Less niggles and pain. Leading to better body performance!

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Pilates for Men

Mobility, flexibility and strength for men taught by men. A great complement to any sporting activity and great for health too!

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Mums and Baby Classes

During this incredible time of transformation, we are here to support you to give you the very best care before and after your bundle of joy arrives into the world
Mum Fitness

Pregnancy Pilates

As your body changes to house your growing baby, we show you how to best support your body through the 3 stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga Fitness

Pregnancy Yoga

Preparing your body and mind for birth through movement, release and breath work, in a caring and supportive environment

Mum and Baby Pilates Fitness

Mum and Baby Pilates

Regain the stability lost in pregnancy, giving you the core and upper body strength needed for the demands of being a mum

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"Studio Tardis Sheen"

Our clients have fondly nicknamed our studio "the tardis" due to the deceptively large amount of space to be found behind our front door! We love our new studio - firmly at the heart of the Mortlake - Sheen - Barnes - Kew community.

Incredibly Experienced

How do you know which studio is your best fit? Choose a studio who are fastidious about quality of teachers and your experience.

Choose The Garage Studio! Try us for Free!

We look forward to welcoming you to a class very soon.


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55 Sheen Lane
Mortlake SW14 8AB



07941 674 931