Month: March 2018

7th March 2018


In classes to my clients delight (or not!), we regularly use balance boards (wobble/round and rocker/square) to improve balance, proprioception (the ability to adapt to change) and posture. Wobble boards are very good tools to  prevent falls and deal with fear of falling.

Improve Proprioception and Balance

The instability of a wobble board challenges the entire body to adapt to the quick changes of environment. The brain has to fire signals quickly improving coordination and reaction time. Balancing on a wobble board requires more finely-tuned motor skills so improves proprioception. Great for fall prevention!

Improve posture functionally

Functional exercises train the body for everyday activities. Balance board exercises challenge the body as a whole from top to toes. To balance correctly and easily, the body has to be properly  aligned -pelvis, ribs and head on top of one another. Great to train you to stand easy, walk and sit tall, saving your spine from unnecessary stress and compression.

Prevent Injuries

Balance board exercises are a fun way to improve and rebalance the strength of your lower body, a great tool to avoid ankle sprains, knee injuries and hip problems. Balance boards help strengthen your feet so the ankles are well supported and in turn can support the knees. They are also very effective at strengthening the hips so the legs support the pelvis and the body well. A great way to avoid back problems.

We love balance boards at the Garage Studio because they are an essential tool for improving posture, coordination, proprioception and strength, for keeping injuries and old age at bay!