Benefits of Pilates

Benefits Of Pilates

“In ten lessons, you’ll feel the difference. In twenty you’ll see the difference. And in thirty you will have a whole new body.” Joseph Pilates 1880-1967

Coming regularly to a Pilates class is essential to your physical and mental health.

When or where else do you get to articulate all your joints from top to toes, ensuring that your body moves from all angles? Pilates brings life to your body.

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates?

Attending a Pilates class regularly will promote freedom of movement and postural integrity,  good balance for fall prevention, good cardio vascular health, neural balance, fascia hydration for better system communication, decrease wear and tear and reduce the risk of injuries. A lot of essential health benefits for a very enjoyable ‘me time’!

The effect of Pilates are cumulative. Like when stirring water, once you do a few turn, it keeps on turning. The first Pilates classes are challenging but once you get the hang of it, it feels easier to build flexibility and strength.

When attending a pilates class, you are learning the skill of using your body well.

Moving Your Body

The more you practice, the more second nature it becomes, so you eventually move safely and effectively to enjoy life without pain and injury. Like a foreign language, the more you speak it, the more fluent you become. Coming regularly will ensure you learn quickly and feel a rapid improvement that will keep you motivated.

Coming once a week is minimum. Three times a week is ideal to improve quickly, especially as a beginner. But not everybody has the time or the finance to attend three classes.

The good news is Pilates exercises are very enjoyable and practical. There are easily applied to everyday life. So once you have understood the principles of Pilates, of good posture and correct movement, you can do pilates everyday outside class.

Pilates exercises are not aggressive or punishing to the body. Pilates exercises require effort but no strain. All moves are enjoyable so your body will want more!

Why Is It Good To Come To Class?

Doing your own routine is a good complement to class but cannot replace the expert eyes of a teacher to make you do the exercise correctly and rectify the imbalances your untrained eye will not notice. When coming to class, the teacher will vary the exercises so you are not on automatic pilot, so the body and mind are always challenged to find new pathways, becoming more intelligent and effective at adapting to different situations. A very good way to keep dementia at bay!

Beware that if you stop practicing you will loose the benefits. Pilates should be part of your everyday life, part of your daily hygiene like cleaning your teeth. A few well chosen moves a day could keep back and neck pain at bay!

Coming to a Pilates class regularly will help you feel good and look better. Your body won’t be in the way of your life and your mind will stay sharp. A good Pilates class creates an overall healthy, powerful and intelligent being. And it’s enjoyable, not competitive (every body is a winner!) and a nice way of meeting new friends!

So looking forward to seeing you in class soon! To learn more – visit our Pilates East Sheen Page.

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