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Use this page to book classes, plus learn more about the Free Trials and how to Register with our Pilates and Yoga Studio.

Beginners Pilates, Pilates, Yoga, Yin YogaPregnancy Pilates and Mums and Babies Pilates.

See individual pages for Pregnancy Yoga and Reformer Sessions, as these should be booked directly with the teacher.

Step 1:

Register or log in

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Choose your payment plan - free class*, packs or monthly DD

Step 3:

Book your class -
‘Book now’ for a single class / ‘Make a reservation’ for a recurring booking

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Step 1: Register incl. medical history

Click on the Log In / Sign Up button on the class timetable below

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Step 2: Try out a free class or buy class

Click onto the class time of your choice

If you want to try a Pilates class, ‘Buy’ a free class. Not available for Pregnancy Pilates, Pregnancy Yoga and Mums&Baby Pilates, due to the speciality teaching required.

For Iyengar Yoga: Buy a single class, and enter code FreeIY

For Yin Yoga: Buy a single class, and enter code FreeYY

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Step 3: Book Class/Classes 

Choose a payment plan at our Pilates and Yoga Studio that works for you. Single classes, packs or monthly subscriptions. See PRICES tab.

Please note you can cancel your booking up to two hours before the class starts for full refund.


Note: Troubleshooting

To book class, you must have the Schedule tab selected. If you cannot see this header, use the inside slider bar to go to the top of this booking table to see the required tabs.

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