Covid-19 safe classes

Following our Covid-19 risk assessment:

We are running one hour classes (75 minutes for Yoga) with ½ hour break in between classes. We can fit up to 9 clients respecting the social distancing rules. In normal times you already have nearly 1m between you!

The half hour break gives us time to wipe clean the floor, any equipment you use, door handles. It also gives you space and time to enter and exit the studio safely.

We will monitor clients entry and exit to conform with social distancing, giving you the space and time you need to wash your hands and change before entering/leaving the studio. You will enter and leave the studio gradually in a socially distanced way. You may have to wait outside or in the studio so please allow a bit of extra time for classes.

Please do not come to class if you feel unwell or have possible Covid-19 symptoms such as dry cough, fever, loss of smell and taste, headache and fatigue…

Please wear a mask when entering the premises. You can take it off when you are exercising on your mat. Please put it back on at the end of the class.

Please wash your hands as soon as you enter the studio and after the class.

Please arrive to class wearing your exercise clothes when possible so as to avoid using the changing rooms.

Please bring your own mat (or a large towel to cover the mat we provide) and accessories when possible – we will only use a ball and a pink band during classes. We will provide the equipment needed in class but you might want to buy your own, especially if you want to continue with online classes. Small equipment is useful to create more various and challenging classes. It will be worth the small investment.
I will be placing an order for equipment so do let me know if you need any of the following: yoga mat £13, red ball £8, pink band £5, cushion 1” £7.50, 3” £9. You’ll be able to pick your order up at the studio when you come to class. Please remember to bring a bag big enough for an inflated red ball. We will not allow you deflate the ball in the studio. 

The more equipped and ready you are for classes, the safer you will be!

Please bring your own water bottle. The water cooler will be at your disposal. Please wash your hands before using it.
Please note food should not be consumed in the studio.

Teachers will stick to verbal and visual cueing. We will not use tactile cueing (hand adjustments) until further notice. You will not be exercising face to face. Please keep your head towards the wall during class.

Feel free to wear a breathable mask and gloves during class.
But please note that wearing a mask will make it harder to breathe during exercise and might lead to dizziness. So please adjust the intensity and pace of exercises to allow comfortable breathing.
Please bear in mind that gloves might be slippery when putting weight on your hands.

We have got skylights so the studio and corridor will be ventilated as often as possible and during classes. We also have invested in an air purifier that kills all germs and viruses.

If you think of any other measure we could take to make the use of the studio even safer, don’t hesitate to contact us.