Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention gets more important as we get older. We feel less steady on our feet and fear falling. Weak muscles, poor balance and walking difficulties left unmanaged can significantly increase our risk of falling.

Pilates exercises help improve our posture, coordination and balance by strengthening targeted areas like hips, ankles, knees and spine to make us feel more solid on our feet.

Fall Prevention Techniques in Class

At The Garage Studio, we favour wobble boards to challenge reaction time/proprioception and improve confidence and balance. It’s great fun too!

We also love exercises and movements that improve our gait and give a spring to our steps so walking becomes enjoyable and pain free.

Pilates exercises focus on balancing and strengthening the body frame, correct execution of movement. They progress from a simple task to multi-tasking so are safe and ideal if you are new to exercise or haven’t exercised for a while, if you are nervous about falling. The Garage Studio has wall bars you can hold on to for extra support.

Our Qualified Teachers

All our teachers are well qualified, caring and experienced to guide you safely and effectively through well chosen exercises that will improve your balance, posture and life.

Don’t let fear of falling get in the way of you enjoying a nice walk, with or without the dog!

We are here to help you find your feet, the spring in your step and the balance and stamina needed for safe journeys.

Our Pilates classes are taught in small groups so it is also a nice way to meet new friends!

The Age UK and NHS websites are full of very good advice on how to prevent a fall

1.           Stay active!

2.           Eat well and stay hydrated to keep you energy levels up.

3.           Check your hearing and eye sight regularly. Combined hearing and eyes problems can affect your balance.

4.           Manage your medications. Medication can make you dizzy…

5.           Support your bones health with calcium rich foods, vitamin D (sunlight) and weight bearing exercises (Pilates ticks the box!) Stronger bones don’t break in case of a fall.

6.           Choose the right shoes, well cushioned shoes that hold your foot well to reduce your risk of tripping.

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