15th April 2019

Choose your teacher wisely!

Teaching older people requires skills that are not a given if you only have a basic training and a maturity you might lack as a young teacher. My teaching has definitely improved with age (and 20 years of experience!) to a more mature approach to movement and health, and with further training on osteoporosis, exercise for the elderly, fascia release and energy work I can teach safely any body. It’s only natural for older teachers to relate better to older clients. Essentially choose a knowledgeable teacher that inspires and motivates you and have fun!

The Pilates classes at The Garage Studio are taught by professional, knowledgeable and experienced teachers so you know you are in safe hands!

4th April 2019

Garden tips

Here are few tips to help you have a pain free gardening experience.

  1. If you have back pain or any injuries, organise your garden so it requires minimum care.

– Cut down on weeding by covering the soil with mulch or plants.

– Cut down on watering by installing an irrigation system, using Riveria pots, choosing drought-tolerant plants and avoiding planting in full sunlight.

– Choose hassle-free plants, climbers or shrubs that need little or no pruning, no deadheading and no staking.

– Choose a low maintenance lawn. Keep its shape simple so it is easy to mow. 

  1. Choose the right tools to lighten the load.

– Garden seats are useful for kneeling, sitting and getting up, when weeding or planting. 

– Bosch Rotak lawnmowers have ergonomic handles to help you stay upright and keep your wrists straight, have side blades for neat edges and are height adjustable.

– Long spout watering can can be useful to reach awkward spots.

– Long-handled garden tools minimize bending or reaching.

– Step-lever spade help with digging.

– Have ergonomic handles to keep your wrists straight, so you have more strength and avoid repetitive strains.

  1. Manage your time and efforts.

– Wear suitable clothing, shoes, gloves, sunglasses, hat and knee pads when kneeling. 

– Vary the tasks to reduce repetitive strains.

– Share the load with a partner.

– When digging, avoid lifting too much soil in one go. Avoid digging or shoveling when the soil is wet or hard.

– When mowing, mow in straight lines keeping the body upright and facing forward. Do not twist! 

– It is not necessary to grip your tools! You will have more strength if you hold the tool as if touching it.

– Take breaks: stretch, drink water, walk around your garden …

Stretch afterwards. The glass of wine can wait a few more minutes!

Remember gardening is an enjoyable hobby. Don’t let back pain or RSI spoil it!

PS: Feel free to print this out and put it up in your garden shed. You can make a copy for your friends and family. Share it!

28th March 2019

Osteoporosis guidelines for Pilates Classes

The Garage Studio like to stay up to date on all new guidelines about medical conditions.

This is the latest advice on how to adapt classical Pilates exercises to clients with Osteoporosis. When you come to The Garage Studio you know you are in safe hands!


3rd January 2019

New Year’s resolutions – a bit of help

Having watched Big fat lies on diet and exercise on Channel 5 I thought I would share few pointers.

  • You don’t need to take anti-oxidants unless you live next to a nuclear plant. Your kidneys and liver do the job.
  • There is no such food as a superfood! It is a marketing term that has been banned by the EU.
  • Avoid eating too much sugar, you should be eating the equivalent of 6 teaspoons a day only (one banana contains the equivalent of 5 teaspoons). It is not addictive (as in a drug), easy to crave but easy to replace by eating any other kind of food. Watch for hidden sugars in processed food. Avoid cereal bars and breakfast cereals. Avoid drinking juices and smoothies. They are full of sugar and lack of fibre. Eat a fruit instead.
  • Tropical fruits spend a long time in the sun so contains more sugar. Fruits are a good source of fibre and contains good sugar. 
  • 5 a day is too low. 10 a day is more appropriate. We can’t eat too much vegetables!
  • Avoid eating processed food. Cook your own food.
  • Check food portion. One healthy portion is the size of a fist, the size of your stomach.
  • You don’t need to detox. Eat healthily and avoid too much alcohol.
  • Alcohol in moderation-14 units a week, 1 unit = 45/65ml a day, one glass of wine is about 3 units.
  • Do not take diet pills. Avoid rapid weight loss diets. It is unsustainable. Think long term and eat healthily.
  • Don’t count calories, watch the quality and quantity of food you are eating.
  • Cutting out fat, no; healthy fat, yes! Less saturated (animal) fat, more unsaturated (plant based) fat.


  • BMI -body mass index- measurement is not useful as a tool for measuring fat/muscle percentage. Carrying extra pounds can be healthy!
  • Active life style rather than gym membership you won’t use? Plan ahead!
  • Gym = technique is everything! Pilates is ideal to learn how to use your body well and is a good preparation for using the gym safely.
  • HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training takes 8 minutes of very active and tiring speed exercises. The formula doesn’t suit everybody. 
  • Enjoyment is sustainable so choose the right exercise for you.
  • Sports drinks can be useful for extreme sports and long distance running. Watermelon is a good alternative. Make your own: ½ juice, ½ water + pinch of salt. For regular fitness sessions, drink water.

Mediterranean diet is a very good balanced diet. So is the lifestyle. Plenty of sun, social interaction, minimum stress, slow paced life with plenty of rest, close to nature. No wonder they live longer healthier lives!

Quoting Nathan Rao, sciences journalist “Eat when you are hungry, don’t eat rubbish, take moderate exercise”. Simple!

11th October 2018

Soft body rolling workshop

Fascia is the web of connective tissue of the whole body. When healthy, it is elastic and hydrated so movement is fluid and information travels fast across the body. Ageing, bad postural habits and repetitive stress dehydrate fascia making us stiffer and not so effective at adapting to our environment. Regular massage hydrates fascia bringing back its elasticity and fluidity.

A soft roller is an effective tool to masssage the body. The workshop teaches you how to massage every bit of your body from top to toes in a supportive, informative and fun environment. It suits all abilities.

Thursday October 18th 3-5pm and Sunday November 11th 4-6pm

@ The Garage Studio £25 booking online

31st August 2018

The 4 pillars plan by Dr Chatterjee

I usually don’t go for Health best sellers but I must say I found Dr Chatterjee’s book ‘The 4 pillars plan’ full of very relevant information about healthy lifestyle. The plan is simple -Relax, Eat well, Move, Sleep- no pressure, easy to follow and very well researched. A must read for anybody who cares about their health. Dr Chatterjee is an experienced GP on a mission to get the nation healthy and to cut NHS costs down. Nothing wrong with that!

Check his website for more information.