Beginners, Intermediate/Advanced and Flow. Find your core posture. Empower your body.

Pilates – Mortlake

Delivering Pilates in Mortlake and surrounds for over 20 years. We look forward to welcoming you to our bright, new, airy studio. Come for a free trial and try us out!

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Pilates Beginners

Learn the secrets of good posture and movement to improve quality of life, performance and health

Pilates (Intermediate/Advanced)

For non-beginners to improve every layer of your health and fitness

Pilates Flow

45 minutes of non-stop Pilates available online and at the studio. Not for beginners.

Side bend Pilates

How Pilates Helps You

Pilates teach you how to be mindful of good posture, how to rebalance and awaken the body to feel energised, how to move safely and effectively for better performance and well-being so you can enjoy life to the full, free of pain and unnecessary tension.

Pilates classes address every layer of health and fitness: strength, flexibility, freedom of movement, balance, proprioception, mindfulness, relaxation (undo unnecessary tension and stress), cardio health through enhanced breathing. All the benefits in one class!

Find more information about why to do Pilates on our blog here.

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What are the Classes Like?

Our Pilates classes are relaxed, friendly and small enough (a maximum of 14 people) to ensure individual attention to each student.

Going beyond the classical Pilates repertoire, our Pilates classes are effective, empowering and fun, challenging your body from top to toes. Expect a fair amount of standing work for balance, strength and flexibility as well as floor work.

Taught in a large bright studio, so you will have plenty of room to express yourself from top to toes using small equipment such as balls, bands, weights, wall bars, wobble boards for varied exercises!

To understand more, read our blog on “The Benefits of Pilates“.

Pilates South West London Wobble Board

Which Class and Teacher Should I Choose?

If you are new to our studio here in East Sheen / Mortlake, we request that you start with Pilates Beginners, so we get to know you and your body. Never a waste, read here as to why Pilates is the best class ever.

Every teacher has its own style and energy that will translate in their classes. Feel free to try them all out! Read more about our teachers in our Teachers Pilates SW14 page.

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Can I Try It For Free?

Absolutely, we would love you to come and experience the wonder of Pilates. On the “Book Here” page, click on the class you would like to attend, register, and then “buy” a free class.

What do I need for class?

The studio is fully equipped (and sanitised after every session). but if you have your own mat or equipment, you are welcome to bring these too. Please wear comfortable clothing and socks.

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Class Times

Beginners Pilates: Monday 6.15pm, Tuesday 10.45am, Wednesday 12noon and 7.30pm, Thursday 10.45am and Saturday 10.45am.
Improvers Pilates (next step to Pilates Beginners): Monday 12noon and Friday 10.45am.
Pilates: Monday 9.15am and 10.45am, Tuesday 9.15am and 6.15pm, Wednesday 9.15am, 10.45am and 6.15pm, Thursday 9.15am and Friday 9.15am.
Pilates Flow (45 minutes non-stop Pilates): Saturday 9.15am.
Pilates for Men: Monday 7.30pm

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