Welcome to The Garage Studio

Pilates Studio For All Levels – Remedial to Athletes

Welcome to The Garage Studio

We welcome every body, regardless of age, shape, gender and level of fitness.

Managed by Murielle Carrasco, a senior teacher with 20+ years of experience in Pilates, remedial Pilates, Back pain specialist, Ante-post natal, Pilates for sports and athletes.

We welcome the exercise type, the athletes, the newbies, those who think they are not the exercise type, those for whom shopping is their cardio, the marathon runners, the gym bunnies, the keen walkers, the trekkers, the dog walkers, the footballers, the rugby men and women, the rowers, the scullers, the tennis players, the golf players, the players, the playful, the thinkers, the regular exercisers, the ‘I can’t remember the last time I exercised’, the ‘I lost my routine during lockdown’, the stiff and broken, the hyper-mobiles, the dancers and everybody else. Welcome!

We welcome mums and babies, mums-to-be, keep-fit mums, busy mums, working women, menopausal women, grand-mums, reluctant husbands, dads and grand-dads, kids, teens, young adults, adults who are not grown-up yet and the young at heart. Welcome!

Whatever your wish, keep fit, get fit, get flexible, get rid of pain and niggles, get good core, get good posture, get to touch your toes, get a spring in your step, get strong and confident, we’ll get you there.

We’re a friendly, competent, professional, experienced and all-inclusive studio.

Welcome to The Garage Studio!

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