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Reformer Pilates South West London

Want to get rid of niggles and pain, challenge your body, deal with an injury, improve a sport performance?

Then join us for Reformer Pilates in South West London – in the heart of Mortlake/Sheen, near Mortlake Station.

Private and Group Sessions on the Pilates Machines – Booking 07941 674 931 info@thegaragestudio.co.uk

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Tailored to you

Individual attention and tailored programs. 121 or groups of 3.

Reformer Garage Studio

All Abilities

Are you new to Pilates, post-operative, in pain or an athlete? Welcome!

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Goal Orientated

Whatever you want to achieve, we are experts, we can help!

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Get better results faster! We love a challenge! Glad you do too!

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Private session (1-2-1):
One hour – off peak: £75
One hour – peak: £80

Semi-private and 3-2-1 available

For booking or more info 07941 674 931 info@thegaragestudio.co.uk

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What is Pilates Reformer?

The Pilates Reformer is the best known of the Pilates machines.

It’s popularity is due to its versatility. The teacher can progress an exercise from a very low level of resistance to a very high one. The Reformer can be used to support a beginner’s or injured body or challenge a very fit one.

In your session, you get to use all the Pilates machines -Reformer, Cadillac and Split-pedal chair- they all use springs and pulleys to provide safe resistance and guide the body as it learns to perform the Pilates exercises. Join us for Reformer Pilates in South West London.

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Should I do group classes or 121s?

Classes provide a general workout for a group of people who all do the same exercises. If you have pain or injuries, some of the exercises in classes might be contra-indicated for you.

We advise you do Pilates machines studio sessions when you have a specific problem you want to address, want to challenge yourself or want to improve a sport performance. The teacher will design a program to best suit your goals. You will get better results quicker!


What Are The Sessions Like?

In a private session (121), you are the only one in the studio, you have the teacher’s undivided attention.

If you are new to Pilates reformer, we recommend a private session first so the teacher can give you a thorough postural evaluation, the foundation of your future work, and so you can familiarise yourself with the studio equipment.

In a group session (3 max), you are sharing the studio with two other clients who are following their own specific program of exercises.

Week after week, under the teacher’s supervision, you will perform your exercises program better and better feeling the benefits. The program evolves with you. You get stronger, more confident and healthier as the weeks go by.

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How to Book Reformer Pilates South West London

To book please contact us on 07941 674 931 info@thegaragestudio.co.uk

Payments may be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer directly to the teacher.

our teachers

experienced and knowledgeable

The Garage Studio teachers are experienced, knowledgeable and qualified to teach remedial Pilates so can deal with any pain, injuries and pathologies. Whatever you want to achieve – get better posture, regain your core after giving birth, prepare for giving birth, get rid of pain, recover from an injury, improve sports performance- we can help!

Pilates Machines Reformer Rachel Glasspool

Rachel Glasspool

"I'm very interested in postural or injury related problems and op rehab"

Rachel is a Body Control Pilates certified teacher (1997) and has been teaching both matwork and studio classes for over 20 years. She is also part of the teacher training faculty for BCP.

She originally trained at the Royal Academy of Dancing before studying contemporary at London Contemporary Dance School and then taught and danced for a further 8 years until the birth of her son.

Through BCP she has access to all the latest findings in fields such as hip/knee replacements, breast cancer, pre and post-natal issues, Parkinson’s and osteoporosis.

She has a particular interest and considerable experience in working with postural or injury related problems and pre and post-op rehab.

Rachel teaches Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8am to 1pm.

Pilates Machines Reformer Fran Fröhlich

Fran Fröhlich

"I'm fascinated in a fascial approach to movement"

Fran discovered a real passion for Pilates through her early professional Ballet and Spanish Dance careers. In 2001 she qualified to teach both mat and equipment work through the Pilates Foundation’s comprehensive 2-year training programme.  

Having previously run her own studio for over 13 years she continues to develop and enhance her teaching skills and qualifications.

Most recently, in October 2019, she achieved Slings Myofascial Training Practitioner Advanced Level, a technique which focusses on a fascial approach to movement. She combines this knowledge with Pilates techniques where appropriate as well as teaching pure ‘Slings’ classes.

Working closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors many of her clients are referred directly by health practitioners. She welcomes clients from beginner through to advanced level and is also fully qualified to teach:

– Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates

– Rehabilitative Pilates (Post Operation or Injury)

Fran teaches at the Garage Studio on Mondays (09.30 to 14.30) and Tuesdays (08.15 – 14.30)

Pilates Machines Reformer Jozsef Forro

Jozsef Forro

"I swapped Engineering for Pilates"

Jozsef has been a fully certified Stott pilates instructor since 2011. After receiving his formal education in engineering he changed careers and found passion in teaching pilates and performing contemporary dance.

Working with Jozsef means you will get to know your body more than anybody else, build up and maintain a versatile movement vocabulary, balanced musculature and healthy joints.

Possible side effects: lifted mood, greater confidence while moving and increased level of endorphins which might make your evening snacks redundant. Are you ready to start?

Jozsef is available on Tuesday afternoon/evening and weekend.

Pilates teacher sheen mortlake barnes kew JELICA KRICKSKOVISC

Jelica Krickskovisc

"I changed my life for the better through movement’’

Jelica turned to Pilates after her dance career had to stop because of an injury. Her growing interest led her to study the Pilates method. She trained in Edinburgh with Pilates Foundation, qualifying as a matwork teacher in 2008 and as a Studio teacher in 2012. She’s also experienced in teaching ante- and post-natal Pilates. 

In addition to matwork, Jelica also has a special bond with the apparatus repertoire that is rich and graceful. Deep strength, agility, balance, advanced technique and complex dynamics come together in these exercises.

Jelica teaching style is influenced by dance and incorporates other movements along with the original Pilates repertoire. She loves to show people how moving more can change their lives for the better.

Reformer Pilates South West London mat classes

Other Pilates Classes

Pilates East Sheen mat classes are also held at the Garage Studio, in relaxed, friendly classes with a  maximum of 14 people.

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