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You’ll love our amazing team of caring, knowledgeable and extremely experienced teachers. Over the past 20+ years, we have grown into a highly qualified team of wonderful teachers who all undergo extensive training to be at the top of their profession. Which means you get stronger and fitter faster and more consistently.

Pilates yoga teacher sheen mortlake barnes kew MURIELLE CARRASCO

Murielle Carrasco

Pilates, Ante-natal Pilates, Mums&Babies, Yoga, Body Rolling and Relaxation, plus regular workshops

"Empowering the local community with healthy movement! My dream has come true!"

The Garage Studio was born after seeing the life-changing impact Pilates could have when taught correctly. Seeing other Pilates teachers “qualify” over a weekend, Murielle was determined to create a safe place with high quality care in the heart of the community.

Murielle’s classes are functional, effective and fun, with an emphasis on understanding good posture and applying it to everyday life and performance.

In 20+ years of teaching, she’s picked up a thing or two! Murielle is qualified to the highest level of Pilates Teaching (Level 4), and is trained to teach every body regardless of their condition, specialising in chronic lower back pain.

There are too many qualifications to mention. Here are a few: Body Control Pilates – 1999, Yoga – 1997, Back4good® practitioner since 2011, Member of Backcare (the national back pain association in the UK), the National Exercise Register and the Pilates Association.

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Pilates teacher sheen mortlake barnes kew JELICA KRICKSKOVISC


Pilates, Pilates Beginners, Pilates Flow

"Matwork offers a great place to work with flow and get people together"

Jelica turned to Pilates after her dance career had to stop because of an injury. Her growing interest led her to study the Pilates method. She trained in Edinburgh with Pilates Foundation, qualifying as a matwork teacher in 2008 and as a Studio teacher in 2012. She’s also experienced in teaching ante- and post-natal Pilates. 

In addition to matwork, Jelica also has a special bond with the apparatus repertoire that is rich and graceful. Deep strength, agility, balance, advanced technique and complex dynamics come together in these exercises.

Jelica teaching style is influenced by dance and incorporates other movements along with the original Pilates repertoire. She loves to show people how moving more can change their lives for the better.

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Astrid Pilates Teacher sw14

Astrid Rossington


"Pilates is for everyone. It’s a wonderful way to explore the body and mind, taking you on an empowering journey of personal discovery."

Astrid has been practicing Pilates for nearly 20 years. A perfect remedy for her lower back pain and overall wellbeing, she decided to turn a passion into a career and became a Body Control Pilates Mat work Teacher in July 2021. She still attends Pilates classes regularly and professional workshops to continually expand her knowledge and skills.

Astrid enjoys sharing her love for Pilates with others, making strong connections with all her clients, encouraging them to develop their potential from the moment they enter the studio.

Astrid provides a well thought out, balanced class, delivered with clear instructions, using small props to add challenge and playful twists to familiar exercises for variety and to bring a smile to the class.

Astrid likes a challenge but also encourages clients to work at their own pace. It is ‘your class’, ‘your body’!

Not only will you feel lighter and brighter when you leave, her warmth and positivity will have you coming back for more!

Femina Teacher SW14 Pilates

Femina Max


"I get a huge buzz from watching people build up an awareness of their bodies and how they move!"

Femina came to Pilates due to a back issue over 20 years ago. Seeing the effect in her own body she felt compelled to become a teacher and ‘share the love’ with others.

She trained with Polestar UK and has been teaching both group classes and one to ones since 2018. Femina is a a bit of a geek and loves to develop her knowledge and training of how our bodies work and function, increasing her ability to teach different bodies.

Femina’s teaching style is about movement with awareness and intention. Our bodies are really clever and if we work in this way, we can all achieve effective and efficient movement. Props are used to enhance movement or provide feedback on movement, making each class a great workout for the whole body.

Femina firmly believes that Pilates is an inclusive exercise and that everyone can achieve something through Pilates. Come and have a go at her class and see what you can achieve!

Josef Pilates Sheen Teacher

Josef Forro


"I swapped Engineering for Pilates"

Jozsef has been a fully certified Stott pilates instructor since 2011. After receiving his formal education in engineering he changed careers and found passion in teaching pilates and performing contemporary dance.

Working with Jozsef means you will get to know your body more than anybody else, build up and maintain a versatile movement vocabulary, balanced musculature and healthy joints.

Possible side effects: lifted mood, greater confidence while moving and increased level of endorphins which might make your evening snacks redundant. Are you ready to start?

Yoga teacher sheen mortlake barnes kew RHITU BARUA

Rhitu Barua

Iyengar Yoga

"It's about conscious movement. Our bodies are all different"

Rhitu is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. The Iyengar school of Yoga emphasises the knowledge of anatomy along with the meditative aspects of yoga.

Her students walk out of class with their back a little straighter feeling lighter in themselves. Simple, clear instructions to calm the mind while the body gives its utmost. Props are used as and when needed to improve alignment or experience a deeper sensation within the asana/pose.

Growing up in India, Yoga was always a part of her life. Kids would challenge each other to get into padmasana and various other contortionist poses; or see the elders do pranayama and try and imitate them. Fortunately in her early twenties, she was introduced to Iyengar yoga and her practice evolved and deepened. She learned the nuances of the science. It’s not just about making shapes or taking your leg over your head. Different people have different problems and requirements. What we need is conscious movement.

As Rhitu jokes, she keeps trying out various other forms of exercise, injuring herself and then coming back to yoga. Her own body with all its stiffness has been her best teacher.

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Frankie Arpino


Yin Yoga


Frankie is an experienced yoga teacher, regularly teaching Hatha, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga & Menopause Yoga in South West London. 

Frankie first came to yoga over 20 years ago to improve her flexibility. She very quickly realised that the benefits of yoga were more far reaching than just the physical. Yoga has also had a profoundly positive effect on her mental wellbeing.

Her personal practice has evolved from “just a good workout” to the realisation that yoga provides deep nourishment for both body and mind.

The Yin class at The Garage Studio is a great antidote to the yang of fast-paced lives. The focus is to slow down, unwind and de-stress, allowing you to find stillness and melt away tension in body and mind. The intention is to leave you feeling replenished, calmer and deeply rested, this yoga is as a balm for the soul. Making time and space just for YOU!

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Pregnancy yoga teacher sheen mortlake barnes kew Natalie Meddings

Natalie Meddings

Pregnancy Yoga

"Looking after women in pregnancy is my raison d'etre"

Natalie’s Yoga Birth class prepares women body and mind to have a straightforward birth. 80% of attendees have natural, healthy, positive birth experiences which is way above the 30% national average.

Natalie’s many years as a birth doula (she has supported over 500 births), her national support site tellmeagoodbirthstory.com and her two books How to Have a Baby and Why Home Birth Matters are all part of the professional and caring service.

Central to the confidence the class brings are the movement, release and breath work practiced in a safe, caring and supportive environment. It gives you the chance to find space, ease and release, to understand how to work with your body in labour.

Natalie has been running her classes at The Garage Studio since 2009.

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