The Beginners Pilates class is the best class ever!

I don’t understand people who find Beginners Pilates boring!

The Beginners class is 

  • where you discover how your body feels, functions and moves
  • where you identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • where you learn how to connect your body from within and out with the environment
  • where you discover proprioception, sensory awareness, true core, breathing and balance
  • where you learn how to work in opposition to create space in the body
  • where you learn how to move with no unnecessary tension
  • where you build a strong frame and solid foundations

How can it be boring?

I’ve been teaching for 20 years and practicing for 25. I am still not bored with teaching Beginners. It’s my favourite class to teach! 

Beginners Pilates is the essence of Pilates, the rest is just show off :))

So please think twice before saying a Beginners Pilates class is boring!