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Which Class Is Right For Me?

Not sure which class to join?

Here’s an introduction to our welcoming classes! There’s a class for every body!


We offer 3 levels of Pilates Classes – Beginners, Improvement and Experienced.

Pilates Beginners classes introduce you to the wonderful world of Pilates, a must if you haven’t done any or did a little Pilates before.

A slow paced class to discover your body, focussing on learning good posture and effective movement to improve your quality of life, sports performance and general health.

Start your journey to a more powerful balanced body and mind now!

Pilates Improvers Classes go beyond the Pilates basics. The exercises are simple and load your body safely, with extra attention to mobilising the joints and improving flexibility. Ideal for stiffer bodies!

Pilates (Experienced) Classes are for experienced students who are comfortable with performing more complicated moves and resistance training. The classes are challenging working on strength, balance, mobility and flexibility all at once. Overall good balancing and energising classes!

Pilates flow classes are 45 minutes of non-stop Pilates moves for experienced students only. Fast paced classes with more cardio! Available in person at the studio or online via zoom.

You can try it for free -buy a Free class- if you are new to Pilates at the Garage Studio.


We offer two types of Yoga: Yin Yoga and Iyengar Yoga.

Yin Yoga classes involve very simple relaxing nurturing yoga poses to rejuvenate body and mind. Beginners are welcome as no previous yoga experience is needed. We have all the props needed to make you comfortable.

A good antidote to a busy lifestyle, ideal for stressed bodies and minds. Learn how to create your oasis of peace you can go to anytime anywhere!

Available in person at the studio or online via zoom.

You can try it for free, enter code FREEYY when buying a single class.

Iyengar Yoga classes are a series of poses you hold comfortably, focusing on alignment and correct movement, with personal attention to deepen your yoga practice. Iyengar improve stability, strength and suppleness to create a balanced relaxed body you can rely on.

We provide all the supporting props so you can hold the poses longer without straining. The practice is safe, effective and rewarding.

You can try it for free, enter code FREEIY when buying a single class.

Try a Class for Free

Still unsure which class is for you? You can try our Pilates and Yoga Classes for free. More information can be found on our Book Here page. Any questions, please do Contact Us at any time.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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