Why Pilates Is Good For Men

Why Pilates Is Good For Men

Pilates is named after a man, Joseph Pilates, who created his exercise method, Contrology, in the early 1900s.

Pilates is as good for men as for women!

It offers the same physical and mental benefits for men and women -stronger core, flexibility, better range of movement, better posture, better balance, more effective movement, more power, improved concentration, improved performance…

Men tend to favour a dynamic approach to exercise, loading, often tightening and crunching, isolated muscles groups with fast repetitions and little consideration to technique, using gym equipment to support the body. Men often end up feeling tight, complaining about lack of flexibility and tension.

Complement To Life

Pilates has a slower pace and a more holistic approach to a fit body, prioritising quality of movement and elasticity to create power, providing a good mix of mobility, strength and flexibility.

Pilates teaches how to move well – without straining the joints, and effectively – not wasting energy. It builds a strong balanced frame before loading it, making Pilates a safe way to exercise, avoiding unnecessary stress and potential injuries.

Pilates is therefore a great complement to any sporting activity. More and more athletes and sports men/women are choosing Pilates to improve their performance and minimise the risk of injury.

Pilates is functional and improve posture. What you learn in class helps you cope with every day life activities and chores, keeping pain and niggles at bay.

Pilates teaches you how to move in a relaxed way, concentrating on harmony of breath and movement so is a great anti-depressant and anti-stress. It gets rid of both physical and mental tensions.

When you’ve had a hard day’s work, Pilates is ideal to reset the body and mind to a healthier state.

Pilates exercises will build a strong balanced powerful body that move effectively and safely, allowing you to enjoy everyday life and your favourite activities to the full.

Things To Keep In Mind

When starting Pilates, keep in mind that:

  • Pilates is a mind-body practice. Quality of movement rather than quantity!
  • Pilates exercises are movement based – effort, yes; straining, no.
  • Pilates exercises are performed in a relaxed way so no crunching, no grunting…
  • Pilates is non-competitive. Never mind what the neighbour is doing, you are focusing on your body alone.
  • Here is no medal to win, only good health!

So whether you want to feel more comfortable in your body, improve your sport performance or get rid of stress and pain, join a Pilates class and feel the difference!